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As a doctor, dentist or health care professional you may see patients with sleep related health complaints, or concerns associated with the social issues of problem snoring.

A diagnosis of Sleep Disordered Breathing or Sleep Apnoea offers few therapies to help your patient. Mild cases are often left untreated as CPAP, implants or surgery are expensive and invasive.

The aveoTSD has been designed and priced to provide a solution for all patients with diagnosed Sleep Disordered Breathing – and works in conjunction with other treatments.

Several Clinical trials and sleep studies on the aveoTSD are currently being undertaken. More information will be made available as trials are completed.

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The aveoTSD is simple to fit and to train patients in use. Compliance is high once users judge the improvement in their sleep and health.

Documentation is available on-line.

The aveoTSD can take up to 7 nights to achieve efficacy. Side effects may include: excessive salivation, dry mouth, and sensitive tongue. All of these are usually resolved with continued use.


Mild to moderate Sleep Apnoea and problem snoring can be treated effectively with the aveoTSD

Surgery or dental implants are not always 100% effective in cases of Sleep Disordered Breathing – the aveoTSD can be used alone, or in conjunction with major intervention.

Many patients find CPAP a problem – in such cases the aveoTSD can offer more compliance and efficacy.

Before prescribing expensive devices or invasive treatments discuss with your patient the aveoTSD. It will help open the airway during sleep providing the necessary therapy to solve the problem.

Registered in US & Canada as a Medical Device:
FDA: 510 (k) Number – K993381
Health Canada: Class 1 Medical Device – Establishment License 2471


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